Bhagya Neupane

About Me

Bhagya Neupane is the well known YouTube start of Nepal who helps the people who are in trouble by making video about them. He is a community helper, who goes around refugee camps in Nepal interviewing people and donating money. He is really a inspiring person because he is making a difference with just his words and a Facebook account. He was born in year 2049 B.S. in dhungesaghu VDC of taplejung district. Bhagya is The Voice Of Voiceless People. let's read about his YouTube journey in small Summary.

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Bhagya For The Voice OF Voiceless

Due to the pressure of work, Bhagya Neupane was asleep late at night. His phone was ringing continuously

Bhagya Neupane shines through YouTube video making

KATHMANDU: Bhagya Neupane has become a celebrity by highlighting the poor and backward people through YouTube interviews. Neupane

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ज्यान मार्ने धम्की आएपछि इन्द्रेणीमा भाग्य न्यौपाने। पुष्पासंग माफी मागे ।। २४.०४.०७७ Bhagya Neupane

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