Bhagya For The Voice OF Voiceless

Due to the pressure of work, Bhagya Neupane was asleep late at night. His phone was ringing continuously from morning. Even though his phone don’t get much rest. Everyday 100’s of calls keep ringing his phone.

When the phone keep ringing continuously he pick up the call half asleep and says “hello”…

From another side comes a man’s hoarse voice. In his universal way Bhagya asks how I can help you.

An Eighty years old man Recounts his all sorrow to Mr. Neupane, after that also lots of call keep ringing in his phone he answers as much as he can.

Everyone recounts their problem and request him to make video in YouTube about them. People are in hope if anyone can help them after watching bhagya’s video so they can get some relief.

Even bhagya takes that hope of people in positive way.

But the time is harsh! Bhagya has not forgotten the pain of making video based on what someone said and called.

Getting shot on making video about thrown baby in kapan has taught him a good lesson in his all YouTube journey. He thinks many times before opening the camera for video.

Let’s return towards the call, when many people requested him to make video he discuss with his friend about which story to be given first priority. Then they decided about the 80 years old man to make video about him. Then he again asked about the problem of that old man. In the vdc in which that old man lives bhagya talks to the vdc manager and made decision to make a video which is published in bhgya’s YouTube channel i.e. Tatto khabar.

Lots of people know about dhungesaghu Vdc of taplejung district. Late Madan Bhandari was born in that place.

In that same VDC ward no: 02 bhagya neupane was also born in year 2049. His family shifted towards Jhapa in year 2056.

Although he was born in dhungesaghu and shifted towards jhapa but he did SLC from chitwan district.

Although he was average in school he got success form YouTube. He decided to learn about practical knowledge during his collage time. After that he went to Malesia to learn about kitchen work.

He spent 21 months in Malesia in student visa. His family business is agriculture. He have three brothers and two sisters among them he is smallest and he have made Kathmandu as his work place.

Eldest brother is accountant in hotel and the elder one is involved in agriculture.

The practical knowledge he learned in Malesia has not came in much use.

Bhgya is now thinking about using his kitchen work skills as well in his life.

Although he is new in journalism and there is much to learn but he don’t want to let his skills to be ruined.

He have a good knowledge about kitchen work and he want to do works related to that but maybe he can’t success as he is in YouTube. But for now he wants to continue his YouTube journey.    

YouTube Journey

When YouTube was becoming the new platform in social media in our country Nepal he was in Malesia at that time.

He used to enjoy watching YouTube in his free time in Malesia. During that time most of the people in foreign as well as in Nepal used to spend lots of their tie in YouTube so he decided to link himself in that platform as well.

When other people were making video in YouTube he got attracted towards them and got an internal feeling that he can also make video in YouTube.

Many of us get bore to watch video of 1-2 hours but he successfully made many Nepali citizen to watch video of 1-2 hours long.

He wanted to make video about the success of people.

When other YouTube creator used to do that he was quite fascinate and he thought that he can also be creator like them.

Then he register his YouTube channel domain. After than when he came to Nepal he did all the legal procedure about YouTube.

Now the channel “Tatto khabar ” being run by him have nearly 29 lakhs Subscriber. His channel rank in top 4 most Subscribed YouTube channel. The other three are music based channel.

His channel is top ranked in the field of journalism.

The video created by him is watched by thousands of people. Some of the content created by tato-khabar is watched by millions of people.

He came to Nepal so that he can do something in the field of YouTube. He wanted to do something in Nepal only so he left Malesia. It has been 3 years he has been involved in YouTube filed. In this short period of time he have got great success.

“I am still learning this is not success but just a good try” Said by Bhgaya.

Bhagya For lower classed people

There are thousands of communications medium in our country. Radio, television, journalism, and other online website are thousands in number. But in this crowd he have become the angle for many lower classed people. He raise the voice of troubled lower class people problem to general people. He have help a lot of people through his YouTube.

He went to the house of those troubled some people where none of the news agencies could reach. He says we focused on real life content of society and their people.

Many people who is in problem bhagya go to their home and raise their voice to people and yes thousands of them have got relief through his YouTube channel. He get happiness in helping them. He fell’s like his life became successful when he help those who are sick, tortured, and are in immense grief.

Economical Support

In most of his video there are people who are really in great pain and problem. He request general people to support them through his video. He make the phone no of victim or their relative available through his video.

He have not maintain any record of money he have made available to the victim.

He give in nearly every video how much till now he have distributed there is no record of that. But now the record is necessary he want to make his work systematic. He was beginner and didn’t focused in maintaining record is his mistake and he accepts it.

People ask him about the transparency of money he gets as a donation to help the poor and needy. He make the name public of donator through his video. During the lockdown period as well his team distributed a lot of relief to needy one. He donated rice of nearly 1 crore rupees during the pandemic in jhapa. He heled daily in kathmandu and other affected area during lockdown.

High TRP generating Story and income

You tubers are blamed for creating high audience attracting content and their source of income and lifestyle. Most of the you tubers run towards the viral content and make similar kind of video.

But I was different than others and focused on real content which could be real help to needy is claimed by MR.BHAGYA

If he have to go towards views he gets thousands of calls daily but he don’t focus on them. He says if we go to place where other are being viral we can get millions of views but we try our best to make our content unique.

He should not have to go outside of Kathmandu he says.

We want to generalize the problem of victim where government cannot reach we were able to reach there.

When people become viral in media there is trend of helping them. When people cannot do anything on their own their bhagya and his team help them.

In the journey of YouTube he reached several district of Nepal but being blamed that he does it all for money and income breaks his heart.

If we want to make money we can work from Kathmandu only here we get every kind of people form every district. But we go to bajura, Taplejung, and other underdeveloped place so that real needy can get their help.

He believe in learning while doing mistake in doing work he says we must learn from it.

If we get blamed we get no chance to learn how people think is more necessary we should continue working making less mistake bhagya says.

 He is sad that he can’t help every people whose call come to him. He said that he cannot fulfill the hope of so many people.

More than 30 thousand kidney patients are there which report can we do? So many of them want that their report could be made so they can get some help.

So many cases that he have raised are now becoming viral. The one who used to sing in village Ashok Darji his video was first published by Bhagaya neupanes tattokhabr youtube channel. Kamal himire, Sunil Singdal, Ankit pariyar, Chandrabir oli and so on stories are reported by him.  

He have made nearly 700 videos, every story used to be special so he choose some of the most interesting content but which one could be his favorite one ?

He says every story is special but I am most effected by chandrabir Oli’s story it always melts my heart.

Mr Chandarabir Oli dug nearly 2km of road even being blind. He wanted to save the life of his other blind children so that they can find way to go outside and won’t fall down from high hill so he dug nearly 2km road. That story of him is so heart lifting says bhagya.

Form success to Controversy

In the 3.5 years journey of youtube bhagya have now become celebrity in Nepal. Many of other people follows his path in social media.

Bhagya has earn both name and fame so whenever he goes out there is a crowd of people who wants to have selfie with him and make tik-tok videos. Everyone loves him and he really appreciate the love of people that love of people inspires him to work even more.

But the time is always not same sometimes due to small mistake as well a social figures comes under a huge controversy. We need to correct our mistake and move forward towards our destinations.

Bhagya was in great controversy because of the video he made about the baby girl found in kapan ground he have not been able to forget that thing.

When people raise this topic he tries his best to ignore that and change the topic. How can one people can even think of that thing?

That incident nearly made his social figure down and he was about to be under extreme controversy and hatred among people. He was blamed of trying to go close to a women which he can’t even think in his dreams.

Learning form mistake and moving forward in life is our life says MR.BHAGA

He was called several times to show about the condition of that child and being soft after seeing the innocent kid was his mistake.

After that he learned a great lesson that before opening a camera we need to think several times.

It is obvious that we make mistake while doing work correcting the mistake and moving forward is what we call the life.

Every content in YouTube is either good or bad that cannot be decided says bhagya.

In the last some days he have made some cheap and income generating work and that’s true says bahgya. But that should be correct and government level should take some decision about this.

When anything is mistaken that should be corrected and there should be training for YouTube content that’s my kin request to government says Bhagya.

So many cases where other media cannot reach YouTubers are going there every content are bad cannot be said so some are good as well. YouTube is streamed through internet and what kind of content people should watch it’s their own decision.

Everything inside a grocery store is not of good quality among them which product should be bought is decided by costumers who visit there so is in YouTube viewers must be able to filter among them.

After that automatically good and bad will be filtered among them believes Mr Bhagya

YouTubers upload cheap and cringe content just for the sake of the money are the blame which you tubers are now facing in today world

But in our country none of the YouTubers have got such a drastic change in their life says MR.Bhagya

If you tubers can earn a lot form YouTube then their lifestyle would have been so different I have not seen any of them like that! If someone earns a bit people assume that they are earning millions and yes YouTube is more than just earning money.

Love life and marriage

Earning a great name and fame from YouTube and having thousands of followers have been mentioned above in this essay as well.

Many ladies followers also their many of them have made video in tiktok as well taking his name so they can get some good amount of visitors. Many of the ladies have even smack their head for bhgya and yes it was also quite viral content in media.

Many of them assume that he is in relationship and some of them even question him directly.

He says everyone so simply “NO I am not”. A good age of marriage and a YouTube celebrity he must have affairs is the second most asked question to him.

He laughs and again says “hahaha NO iam not in any kind of affairs”.

He cannot give time in social media and is always busy in business and his work so he don’t have any relationship says Mr.Bhgaya

And the last Question when will you marry?

Bhagya answers: Soon when the right time comes.

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