Bhagya Neupane shines through YouTube video making

KATHMANDU: Bhagya Neupane has become a celebrity by highlighting the poor and backward people through YouTube interviews. Neupane goes from village to village searching for hidden yet interesting issues and present them in a different way.

His videos focus primarily on the poor, ailing people and hidden issues and spend the earning made through videos into social work.

He prioritizes contents rather than those what could become viral as his main aim it to assist the backward and helpless. He says, “YouTube earning is not as attractive as people assume but what matters me most is fame and benevolence. YouTube is a platform where one can show their creativity and talent,” says Neupane, adding, “The biggest achievement I have made so far through YouTube is love, positive comments from millions of people.”

Neupane has also earned money and fame in the recent years and now has started doing social work, too. His fans are growing day by day. He had reached many places in Jhapa to prepare an interview of Ashok Darjee. He had first seen Darjee singing songs on social networking sites. Darjee shot to fame when his YouTube video was aired.

Earlier, he used to go to every nook and cranny in search of subject matters for making YuTube video but now-a-days people call him for the video. He is busy like a bee these days.

Bhagya says,” I will not take interview of the rich but the poor. I had decided about it when I was in Malaysia.” He had gone to Malaysia for study.

According to him, poor Nepali people still lack access to media. Now, gradually they are getting access to it.

“I have chosen hidden and backward stories as subject matters for my YouTube videos. My work begins at 6 and continues until 10 pm,” said Neupane, adding, “I am effortlessly trying to bring those talents to the fore that are left uncovered by the main stream media.

Video interviews taken by Neupane have become viral.

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